Sneak Peak – 2020 Ford GT Gulf Livery and Liquid Carbon Editions

Leading up to the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, The Ford Motor Company and Ford Performance snuck a hand full of automotive journalists away from the convention center to take a sneak peak at some exciting revisions to their halo car, the Ford GT. Despite production numbers remaining terribly small, the owners hand picked by Ford that are still in que for model year 2020-2022 are in for a pleasant surprise.


Alterations to the air ducts and rear buttress, changes to the multiple intercoolers and a revised ignition system are just a few of the adaptations. This Ecoboost variant has now bumped buy thirteen horsepower, totalling 660!


Akrapovič titanium exhaust is now also standard issue for model year 2020 Ford GT giving buyers a distict shrill, but also a six pound weight savings.



Ford Performance also took this opportunity to revise it’s iconic heritage Gulf Livery with a new design that includes a black pinstripe now dividing the blue and orange. The optional exposed carbon fiber number has shifted from 9 on 2019 model year cars to 6 for 2020 mimicing the historic back-to-back winning car. For the first time on a heritage model carbon fiber wheels are available in lieu of aluminum alloys.



Just a hand full of Ford GT Liquid Carbon editions will make their way to buyers each year, featuring the magnificent carbon fiber wheels as standard equipment. Owners can specify items like titanium lugnuts, six-point racing harness anchors, five interior options and five caliper colors, but the body will remain always remain in unpainted carbon. Striping options and mirror caps are available, and can be selected independently of eachother for a truly bespoke experience.