Ford Ranger Now With Even More Customization – Winch Ready Bumper!

Today Ford Motor Company and Ford Performance made an announcement for a winch ready bumper for the Ford Ranger as a dealer installed option that will set you back just $1,495. This bumper is a signifier that Ford Performance and the premier off-road up-fitter ARB have an official relationship. The ARB 4×4 website already has a series of offerings for US Market 2019+ Ford Rangers here!

Ranger Winch-Capable Front Bumper 2.jpg

As seen in the photos above and below, the press release reassures that drivers assistance aids remain functional with the installation of this bumper. One big concern that has developed in the modification of more modern trucks and SUV’s is that you loose some of the original safety/security equipment as modifications progress. Front parking sensors are mounted flush to the face ARB bumper, and the radar unit for the automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control mounted inside the prominent bumper slot above the winch. This is a fantastic move from the development team to insure Ford Ranger buyers aren’t solely limited to lower trims to avoid loosing functionality of features for a active lifestyle, or aesthetics.

Ranger Winch-Capable Front Bumper 1.jpg

This announcement of the ARB partnership for the winch ready bumper comes on the heels of Ford Motor Company’s September announcement of a leveling kit for Ranger (and F150) buyers. Another $1,495 dealer installed option available on 4WD Ranger variants. Although we don’t get the Ranger Raptor in North America that some enthusiasts have been screaming for, it seems as if the folks at FoMoCo are doing their damnedest to allow us to have some fun!

Ranger Profile.jpg

All images ©Ford Motor Company