Subaru STI S209 – First Look!

We had an opportunity to take a quick spin in the Subaru STI S209 last week at an annual event held by the Washington Automotive Press Association. Maybe I need to pay closer attention to this market, and maybe because the STI S209 is limited to just 209 units ever but I had no idea I was grabbing the keys to something so exclusive. We’ve known and love the Subaru STI for many years balancing our inner love for a little boy racer styling, all wheel drive and spine tingling noises from a horizontally opposed four cylinder engine. As drivetrain improvements and aero cues become much more pronounced on the STI S209, is it worthy of being the most expensive Subaru ever? It begs us to ask a few questions…

The 341 Horsepower 2.5 liter Boxer engine propels the S209 only through a six speed manual transmission, front and rear limited slip differentials and a Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD). Modifications to the turbocharger, fuel delivery system and tuning are said to offer great mid-range torque (330 lb/ft). Agreeing with that statement I  noticed approaching the 4,000 RPM mark is really when the S209 starts to sing its ballad.

The drive mode selector has a really neat name for its most dynamic setting, S# (Sport Sharp). I imagine this is where most S209’s will spend their time.

WR Blue Pearl or Crystal White Pearl are your only color choices, and you can’t seem to go wrong either way.


At $64,880 is it worth the money? Are dealers going to ruin it with obsurd “market adjustments”? Are they already spoken for? What percentage of them are WR Blue and Crystal White?