Truck Pulls – A Glimpse Inside the Heavy Hauling Motorsports Community

Growing up a good old fashioned truck and/or tractor pull was a regular community shindig, and shamefully I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention. I’ve always understood the general premise, something literally being pulled down a dirt track, the person to make it the most distance wins.

Despite drivers and their teams being out here absolutely flogging on these trucks, so many of them are fully prepared to drive them to work the following Monday. When (not if) they break, fellow friends and neighbors come together in the pits help make them mobile again.

Friendly competition seems to make itself as visible as peacock plumage, puffed chests and colorful interactions express emotions. Sometimes you run out of track, and sometimes out of patience.

I’ve taken note that benefit truck pulls seem to generate a larger crowds when gathering for a cause. The increased level of both participants and spectators at these events offer a friendly reminder to the sense of community small town America continues to provide.

The National Tractor Pullers Association has a great Pulling 101 walk through page with details on the track, sleds being pulled, and the competitive classes. Be sure to follow us across all social platforms @RealPoshCars to see up to date happenings.