First Look! 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid

Every human on the planet with a device connected to the internet is aware that Ford Motor Company has killed the sedan (hatch, and wagon we never got) for North America. I’d like to chalk it up to ebbs and flows, and hope that they’re just holding the cards close until the next big trend cycles in. Meanwhile, we’re being blessed with a refresh of nearly the entire truck and suv lineup, including but not limited to the reason you’re still reading. Electrification has finally made its way to the 2020 Explorer with more than just a spike in EPA estimates.

A 3.3L gasoline engine paired with an electric motor powered by a liquid cooled lithium ion battery produces a combined 318hp and 322 lb/ft of torque. Rear wheel drive is standard issue on hybrid, but four wheel drive is available. Drive modes including terrain management greatly adapt to the conditions, and are included on both two and four wheel drive models. Never did I ever imagine putting the words Ford Explorer, Hybrid, and Dynamic in the same line. But here we are, talking about how a hybrid system makes sense for performance enhancements, as much as fuel economy figures.

The Hybrid feels quick, but certainly not the fastest of the bunch. At 5,000 lbs the Explorer Hybrid towing capacity is most certainly class competitive, but the lowest of the Explorer variants.

Potential Explorer buyers shouldn’t just Focus on the Hybrid being a carpool solution, but also being capable of nearly any Expedition one would set out on.

We’re super excited to explore our home turf of Upstate New York with the 2020 Ford Explorer this summer, and expect to see these in your local Ford store in the coming weeks. As always a huge thank you to Ford Motor Company for the invitation, and accommodations!