2019 Ford Ranger “Black Appearance Package”

… offers a splash of flair for North America’s latest midsize truck offering.

Ford Motor Company offering the Ranger in North America brings another player to a segment I feel has been remarkably outdated, and greatly underserved. My experience with the small/midsize pickup truck marketplace has a bit more of a “cookie cutter” feel, a lack of individualism at best. The addition of a “Ranger Black Appearance Package” adds to the portfolio. Ford states that more than two-thirds of the new Rangers sold to date (Reminder, it’s only been a matter of weeks.) have been purchased with an appearance package of some variety. Is that due to initial dealer inventory, or client demands?

Ranger Black Pack_Lariat_SuperCrew.jpg

Black Appearance Package Shown on Lariat SuperCrew (Photo: Ford Motor Company)

This package is $1,995 and includes the following: 

  • Black-painted grille
  • Body-color bumpers
  • High-gloss black-painted 18″ aluminum wheels with black center caps
  • Black running boards
  • Black spray-in bed liner (As opposed to yellow?)
  • Black fender vent surround
  • Black Mirrors
  • Black sill plate
  • Black Bash plate (On FX4 Off-Road Package)
  • Black Lower Valance

From the press release I received just a few days ago, to be released this morning it doesn’t specify if the Black Appearance Package is available across all trims. I have reached out to clarify, and will edit when an answer is given.

ANSWER: Black Appearance Package is available on XLT and Lariat with no option prerequisites, and is combinable with FX4 Off-Road Package (we figured that).

>Interesting Quirk

The configuration page does a trick move with the black appearance package where it won’t render the wheels, check it out while you can.

Furthermore! It’s come to our attention that the pricing from Ford’s website that pricing may not actually be the original $1,995 that was included in our press release from just a couple days ago, that included the word “Final” in the file name. The build configuration includes a price of $1,550 instead… and just to verify they didn’t make a last minute move to de-content I checked line by line. The additional info when you select the option to apply does skip over the black step bars mentioned in the press release, but does show as included when you look through the additional options and accessories. I felt it was a fair deal for the content at just shy of two grand, and a value proposition at one and a half.


I couldn’t help but mention my favorite Ranger appearance package from my youth, the Ranger Splash. 

Ford Ranger Splash (Photo: Ford Motor Company)