Royal Wedding has Electrifying Twist!

No I didn’t set a 0400 alarm clock to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot. I did, on the other hand take note of a social media frenzy when the happy couple jumped into a Jaguar Series I E-Type; an E-Type Zero to be specific. It’s a crazy world we live in today when automobile manufacturers not only restore their own products from years past, as well as significantly alter the power plant.

A minimally intrusive Lithium-Ion drivetrain is noted to weigh 176lbs less than the original inline six cylinder engine. This advance in technology not only eliminates in heft, but also shaves one entire second to 62mph. Jaguar states that this conversion is completely reversible and can be fitted to any XK powered classic Jaguar between 1948 and 1992. I would suspect that this conversion would also allow for an avoidance of the £11.5 daily congestion charge in London.

It was interesting to see the newly wed couple drive off into the sunset in an iconic piece of automobilia blended with the future of motoring innovation.

Images: Getty Images and Jaguar Land Rover Classic