First Look: 2018 Mercedes-Maybach S560!

With the Maybach nameplate approaching 100 years on ultra luxury automobiles the latest iteration offers an increase in technology, styling and efficiency.

The current Mercedes-Maybach offerings are essentially an ultra-elongated version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. The twin turbo 4.0 Liter V8 is new for this luxo-barge producing more power and efficiency. The V8 variant offers the 4Matic all wheel drive system allowing for more practical year round use.

An intricate set of active and passive drivers assistance features are shown above on the 12.3 inch instrument cluster. Distronic adaptive cruise control with active lane keeping and steering assist, paired with night view assist plus helped navigate the dark roadways of Northern New Jersey.

Ultimately the right rear seat is where most of these buyers will want to be. Exclusive Nappa leather that spans nearly every inch of the interior, paired with adjustable massage functions and heated arm rests, make this one of the most comfortable pieces of craftsmanship I’ve ever been chauffeured around in. Like the regular S-Class the front passenger headrest folds down as the seat slides as far forward as possible to create a maximum amount of space for the primary rear occupant allowing for power footrests and leg supports to deploy.

All of these gizmos paired with the Burmester 3D sound, 64 color interior ambient lighting with vast adjustability allow for the Mercedes-Maybach S560 a pleasant place to be no matter your seating position.

We’ll want to report back again on this after having spent some more time with one outside of New York City traffic.