First Look! 2018 Mazda 6 Signature Turbo

Saying all of the words required to describe this Japanese Automobile takes some practice. The trim level just beneath Signature is the Mazda 6 Grand Touring Reserve, I assume as much rehearsal is required as Julie Andrews needed for “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in Mary Poppins. Our first impression is that the Mazda 6 is worthy of the hours of rehearsal to explain your recent purchase.

One hundred fifty or so changes took place for the 2018 model year, and most noted of those is the addition of a 2.5 liter turbocharged skyactive engine providing an increase in power despite the fuel grades you opt for. A peak of 250 horsepower and 310 pound feet of toque when pumping premium fuel propels this one and three-quarter ton sedan around with ease. A myriad of small adjustments results in very minimal torque steer, something that was quite prevalent in the last turbocharged Mazda 6 (MazdaSpeed 6) from approximately a decade ago.

Standard L.E.D. head and tail lamps across all trim levels are a welcomed addition for both form and function.

Soul Red Crystal Metallic is also a mouth full, but well worth the choking hazard. 2018 brings a revised paint process for this particular paint color which allows it to “wash out” in a more favorable manner in ultra high light environments. This same application allows for a significant increase in the colors depth and personality! Below Mazda has created a little diagram that best explains the steps to achieve this masterpiece.

In Signature trim (Beginning $34,750 USD, plus destination) I was a little shocked to see Nappa Leather make its way into the Mazda nameplate, but only in two colors. The raved about Parchment, and the new Deep Chestnut are the only offerings in the top spot for this refreshed sedan. I would personally like to see a Nappa offering in a traditional black or graphite alongside the Chestnut and Parchment, especially in a flagship placeholder.

While on the topic of the interior it’s also worth noting a very significant addition of ventilated front seats as an addition for this year, an uncommon offering in this segment.

With an as-tested at just a hair over $36k including destination, stuffed to the gills with premium features and technology the Mazda 6 is a great value proposition. We can’t wait to spend a week with one in the near future!