Washington Auto Show offers 2nd annual LGBT Family event

Friday January 26th, 2018 the Washington Auto Show opened to the public following three days of Media and Public Policy. Most automakers are represented and have managed to bring quite the variety!

For the second year in a row the Washington Auto Show is offering an LGBT family night, offering an opportunity for discussion and companionship from LGBT members of the industry, enthusiasts, and consumers alike. This event is once again hosted by William Hopper of Queer4Cars and current President of the Washington Automotive Press Association. This event is Thursday February 1st from 5-9p with a reception post auto show in a surprise location to be announced at the end of the evening.

Manufacturers are quick to show support for such an event, and are looking forward to our attendance! Standard admission is required, Toyota USA is offering complementary admission via a link on their twitter page! The ability to host such an event again this year comes from the generous contributions from Mazda, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Toyota, Lexus and Cadillac!

I am looking forward to seeing every one of you there!