At what lengths will an automobile enthusiast go to be social with like minded individuals?

… And by like minded individuals I meant that to read: “People who are just as clinically insane as I am, who will go through days and days of travel to attend an event” 

Just over a month ago I receive a message via facebook merely containing “Do you think you can hitch a flight to Denver in June…” and some other details I’ll leave out… I didn’t even look at the name initially. At first I figured it was my dear friend Rachel, who recently gave me four weeks notice on our trip to the Dominican Republic. Although, that would have been exciting for a second excursion within the calendar year, I was wrong! It was my good friend Tyler, from Hoovies Garage! Literally within one minute I agreed, without having a date secured at that point.  What could possibly go wrong? 

I quickly looked at flights, $500 round trip from Albany International, $250 from JFK, or do I make the drive? That’s something I pondered for more than a couple days. 

It’s four thousand miles round trip, for 4 days in Colorado… Have I lost my mind? Sunday June 4th I began the drive west in the trusty but thirsty 2004 Mercedes-Benz E500 4Matic Wagon. 

The drive from Cooperstown, New York to my former address in suburban Dayton, Ohio is an easy 625 miles or so… unless you depart at 2:30pm. While in Dayton I had an opportunity for a quick round of coffee with fellow gear head and wagon guy Jim J. from Madison, WI.  After returning a dismal 20.1mpg over the first leg of the trip, I decided to swap out cars while in Ohio… because I can do that.

 Second leg of this cross-country extravaganza has me behind the wheel of a 2005 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI, that should make for a slightly more efficient trip! From a couple nights in Dayton I pushed off to see mom for a couple days in Quincy, Illinois, another easy jaunt 450 miles and 38.4 MPG!

And now after a couple nights in Illinois with the family, it’s 5ish AM central time and I’m laying in bed before repacking the car to head to Wichita, KS to meet up with Tyler, where I’ll swap cars yet again for the last leg of the trip tomorrow! What from Hoovie’s “hoopty fleet” could I possibly pilot? 

Stay tuned for additional shenanigans! 

Also; in the event that you don’t follow Tyler’s happenings, see his YouTube channel here:

YouTube: Hoovies Garage

Matt McIvor is a 20-something car guy who clearly makes questionable decisions.