Volvo’s First Customer Bound XC60 Rolls Off Production Line 

As the announcement of Volvo’s assembly plant in Torslanda, Sweden producing the first XC60 to be delivered to a client comes today; it gives me an opportunity to discuss the first look I managed at the New York International Auto Show.

Volvo is bringing along the second generation XC60 to follow what had already been a fantastic automobile. In the small sport-utility segment the Volvo XC60 seems to have the most dynamic set of configurations available, and thanks to the “Scalable Product Architecture” we feel that legacy shall continue. The outgoing model has accounted for 30% of total Volvo global sales in recent years! Can you say bread and butter?

One thing I hear from the automotive peanut gallery is that “Automotive Manufacturers Product A, looks just like Product B, but in a different size. I want it to look different, it needs individuality.” Etc etc etc….

Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) does just that, and boy does it do that remarkably well. Our friends in Sweden know how to make a statement in unmistakeable cars. I’m so happy to see the legacy of the large (and very functional) tail lamps continue to adorn the vertical space in the rear of the XC60 again, the “Thors’ Hammer” headlamps (when so equipped with LED lighting) the interior design and infotainment carried across this portion of the Volvo lineup.

In typical Volvo fashion the interior is stunning to look at, remarkably functional, and providing some of the best seats, and seating positions on the market.  I mean, I have never found an opportunity for me to say that I’m uncomfortable in a Volvo. (Correcion: The alcantara in my V70R was unbearably warm, ALL THE TIME, but that was many moons ago.)

Under the hood thanks to the SPA Volvo is able to offer the same drivetrain combinations as we’ve seen in the other emerging models.

The T8 twin charged (Turbo and Supercharged) four cylinder plug-in hybrid as a range topper offers 407 horsepower and a 0-60 time of just over 5 Seconds!
Immediately beneath that, but not worthy of any less praise, is the T6. Imagine the same twin charged four cylinder engine, sans the hybrid system comes in at 320HP and 295 lb ft of torque. I suspect this drivetrain will be most popular among the entire lineup from Volvo, and for good reason.
The T5 offering 254 Swedish Meatballs, I mean horsepower, is a great standard offering for the North American consumers.
Volvo cars has also mentioned a 190hp D4 and a 235hp D5 with PowerPulse Technology, but I doubt we’ll manage to see either of those on this side of the pond due to the recent hot water other diesel manufacturers have found themselves in.

For those of you who may find the XC60 too small (Dan, I’m looking directly at you.) go buy the XC90.

Matt McIvor is an enthusiast of bow-ties among other things.