The Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Maybach S-Class range facelift unveiled

Shanghai International Auto Expo as you can imagine displays an array of cars from around the globe, and a huge amount of them we will never see here in North America. The folks at Daimler AG also see enough market share to use it as the venue to unveil the new face of their flagship.

The current generation S-Class, (known internally as the W/V/X 222) came to market in the Americas for the 2014 model year and shook up the competition.

After four great years (300,000 units) as the staple of all things posh, it’s time for a facelift… I mean after you spec the Mercedes-Maybach S550/S600 with a refrigerator in the rear, $3200 Robbe&Berking Silver plated champagne flutes are just one single click away.

This mid-cycle refresh gives both mechanical and aesthetic updates!

Following the Mercedes-Benz brand of design cues the S-Class gains the new trademark “Stardust” tail lamps, which give the impression that the Germans scooped up a fairy from Neverland and has them sprinkling pixie dust when illuminated.  I’m a fan.

Stardust tail lamps

The new multi-beam LED headlamp layout follows cues that were first given by the ///AMG GT, E-Class, SLC etc. The front and rear bumpers seemed to have been reworked a bit, I would expect a few new wheel options as well.

New multi-beam LED headlamps

Now… let’s talk about the interior for just a moment… The S-Class has always been stunning, and this refresh retains the dual 12.3″ displays, but the changes to the steering wheel, a bit of trim work, and interior color palette chooses are stunning. New leather and wood combinations have arrived to follow suit with what we’ve been seeing across the rest of the lineup.

The 449hp 4.7 litre bi-turbo V8 has given way to the 4.0 bi-turbo V8 paired with the 9 speed transmission, resulting in a slight power increase to 463hp in the base S-Class guise for the U.S.

Quickly back to the steering wheel again… approximately five years ago the folks at Mercedes-Benz did something crazy. The cruise control stalk was relocated.  For decades it had its reseidence within easy reach of your left middle finger at the steering wheel’s ten o’clock position, just to be moved to eight o’clock. For the long term Daimler buyers this was earth shattering. The world came screeching to a hault. This new steering wheel photo alludes to another move from Mercedes-Benz… to the wheel itself.  Stop being a conformist. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Cruise control switch work now placed at nine o’clock on wheel

There was also mention of an “AMG Track Pace” app for those buyers who aren’t just taking these cars to the driving range or local game of canasta.

Matt McIvor has a passion for the finer things in life, and premium automobiles are certainly one of them.