Kia can throw a party! 

So Facebook’s “On This Day” feature generally just reminds me of when I tossed my SUV into the woods, or when I got my sedan stuck on a beach. Today, it reminded me of how AMAZING Kia’s parties are. 

It was 3 years ago this week when I first attended a Kia party one evening after the New York International Auto Show; this was to celebrate the launch of the all-new Kia Sedona (which I happen to love).  We’ve all been to cocktail parties where you look around planning your exit… this isn’t one of them. Live entertainment of some variety, a culturally diverse and inclusive menu from year to year, and a level of energy that is just unexplainable. The Sedona party had this Cirque du Soleil vibe going on.
 Below is a brief Snapchat variety photo from the #kiario party last week.